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Do you like Sudoku puzzles?

Within this site you can download a large number of advanced Sudoku variants. There are 9 x 9 Sudokus, 16 x 16 and 25 x 25 puzzle variants available. Furthermore there are Sudokus with many patterns and so-called multi Sudokus where several Sudokus overlap each other partially. You'll find about 1.000 Sudoku puzzles on the Sudoku Plaza internetsite.

On this site you wil also find alternatives of sum Sudokus and Sudokus that are built based on relations. Moreover there is a puzzle in the form of a magical square as well as cube formed Sudokus. Totally there are about 50 different alternatives of the traditional Sudoku available. Using the buttons at the top of the site, the different Sudoku types can be downloaded.

Sudoku plaza wishes you a lot of puzzle pleasure!

Are you a publisher?

Publishers who are interested in publishing Sudokus can view the attached brochure, in which all the possible Sudoku variants are described. This brochure gives you a good overview of the possible sudoku variants that can be generated by the advanced Sudoku Plaza software. Moreover it is also possible to develop tailored Sudokus.

The next hyperlink opens a file with a description of the possibilities of the software. Click on: Brochure.

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